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I am always on the lookout for pretty old things at flea markets that I can turn into some project. Last spring I lucked out big time when I heard about this house that had to be emptied before being sold and they were giving away things for free. Of course, there was tons of crap but I managed to find a few gems as well, like this small dresser that I wanted to renovate.

First I had to strip layers and layers of white paint, then sand it and then paint it. I actually ended up going through the process of stripping, sanding and painting twice because I didn’t like the way it came out the first time.

I used dark brown paint with a matte finish from Hornbach (think Home Depot). The knobs are from Anthropologie. I also used canvas lining for the drawers, which I bought at The Container Store.

Here’s one more pic showing the dresser before and after the renovation